Poster for an Experimental Film.

This is a poster designed to show/advertise a short experimental film i had made, it was totally hand made and is abstract in nature. The idea was to create a series of images to back up the film as if it was part of an expanded cinema screening of experimental film and moving image. I took that a step further and made a poster to accompany these images and the film.


Control X

These images are the pages of a book produced about the idea of cyber bullying. I wanted to look into and raise awareness on cyber bullying and the effects it can have on some individuals mental health. Photos of the book will be up online soon.

Skull, Vinyl, Print.

A short piece of moving image that was made for a brief at university. It was based around what, in my opinion, was the three greatest things in the world. I believe it to be the human skull, for protecting the human brain which makes humanity what it is. The vinyl record, for bringing the wonders of music to people, allowing us to become fanatics about music. And finally print, or the printing process. bringing education to the masses.The short animation can be viewed on Vimeo on the following link HERE!

Final Project of the first Year

For my last project of the year we were given the freedom of a self initiated project. I chose to go back to what made me fall in love with art and design, and this was the world of music art and gig posters. I created a set of three poster for tree different bands/musicians. For two shows i have been to, and one happening in august.

I created them for Blood Red Shoes, Band of Skulls and Keaton Henson. Here are the out comes bellow, i will be adding more posts on development in the coming days, all posters are available as prints with or with out the texts by emailing me on

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